Here are some commonly asked questions that we thought you might find useful. Just click on the question to see the answer. If you have a question that is not here, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Is the glue on your payslips laser safe?

Yes, all of our payslips are laser safe.

Do you guarantee your stock?

Yes, all stock is 100% guaranteed!

What is the shelf life for your payslips?

The minimum shelf life for our payslips is 12 months. Make sure to keep your payslips away from moisture and sunlight and keep the lid on to get the longest shelf life in your stock.

Are your payslips suitable for photocopying?

Our Pressure Seal and Soft Seal paper is fine for photocopying. We do not recommend that you put our Hand Seal paper through a photocopier.

What are your delivery times?
We can do next day delivery for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 2 days to Adelaide and 4 days to Perth. We can air freight stock for urgent orders at an additional cost.
How do I fix a jammed folding machine?
Go to our website @ www.payslip.com.au and click on the "Services" tab for information and video's on folding machines.